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Products Section:

Spider Series


Voltage : 12V & 24V

Current Consumption : 4.0 A

Fundamental Frequency :

HIGH – 420 Hz
LOW – 350 Hz

Diameter : 110 mm

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Sure Brake® DOT 3 Brake Fluid

Sure Brake® DOT 3 Brake Fluid is a heavy duty brake fluid designed to give added safety specially when operating under severe driving conditions. It contains corrosion inhibitor additives to protect against corrosion on metal and other parts brought about by the absorption of moisture. It is excellent for use in Disc, Drum and ABS brake systems and complies with DOT 3 of PNS 239 / FMVSS 116.

Product Quality and License No.:

Product is available in the following Part Numbers and Packaging:

  • SB-150 – 1 Case x 36 x 150 mL
  • SB-170 – 1 Case x 36 x 170 mL
  • SB-270 – 1 Case x 24 x 270 mL
  • SB-300 – 1 Case x 24 x 300 mL
  • SB-900 – 1 Case x 12 x 900 mL
  • SB-20 – 20 Liter Pail

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Rancho is the off-road suspension and shock division of Tenneco, a USD4.2 billion manufacturing company best known for its ride control brand: Monroe shocks and struts.

Rancho has been recognized by the off-road media for its leadership in adjustable off-road technology with the innovative RS9000X high performance shock absorbers.

Rancho is also a staunch supporter of the Tread Lightly. This program was expressly developed to promote the environmentally responsible use of America’s unmatched wilderness. Tread Lightly teams the U.S. Forest Service and the Bureau of Land Management with manufacturers, publishers, and environmentally conscious groups in a national program of off-road driver education.

Rancho invites everyone to join this noble endeavor. All you have to do is remember five simple “rules of the road”. Then apply a liberal dose of common sense:

Travel only where permitted.
Respect the rights of others.
Comply with signs and barriers.
Avoid wildlife and fragile terrain.
Drive responsibly.

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Windtone Super Deluxe


Voltage : 12V

Current Consumption : 4.0 A

Fundamental Frequency :

HIGH – 505 Hz
LOW – 425 Hz

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Vibrosonic Deluxe


Voltage : 12V

Current Consumption : 3.5 A

Fundamental Frequency :

HIGH – 395 Hz
LOW – 325 Hz

Diamete : 130 mm

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Voltage : 12V & 24V

Current Consumption : 4.0 A & 3.0 A

Fundamental Frequency :

HIGH – 395 Hz
LOW – 315 Hz

Diameter : 160 mm

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Sure Brake® Brake Pads & Brake Shoes

Just SURE BRAKE® Brake Pads and Brake Shoes offer quality and performance unmatched. From imported to domestically assembled vehicles, we got the right brake pad and shoes for you.

Deluxe Brake Pads & Brake Shoes – are engineered, formulated and manufactured with the requirements of the stop and go city / urban driver in mind.

Utilizing a friction material that has proven itself over literally millions of miles under some of the harshest city driving conditions imaginable, Sure Brake® Brake Pads and Brake Shoes offer outstanding stopping power even under high temperatures and extreme operating conditions. Ideal for transport and fleet vehicles in highly urbanized traffic areas.

Premium Brake Pads – are engineered, formulated and developed to address the No. 1 complaint on intense high performance braking – Noise and Skid. Sure Brake® Premium Brake Pads’ advanced-engineered non-asbestos friction formula provides a quieter and more stable braking performance than the leading aftermarket pad.

With unsurpassed stopping power on both dry and wet driving conditions, Sure Brake® Premium Brake Pads have proven time and again that it is one of the best brands on brakes. Just look for the purple box.

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Shinzo Motorcycle Pads

Shinzo Brakes, Europe’s fastest growing Japanese brand motorcycle brake pads and shoes, is designed and manufactured with the highest quality friction material for the two-wheel vehicle market.

Shinzo uses specialized friction material on their motorcycle brake pads and shoes for optimum performance both on and off-road terrain.

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Solite Lighting Products

Solite Lighting Products is Korea’s leading automotive bulb supplier and is OEM for the likes of Hyundai and Kia. Solite, with its sister brands Holloway, Philips and Narva controls at least 75% of Korea’s automotive OE and aftermarket bulb market.

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Lucas Automotive Bulbs

Lucas is the clear market leader of automotive bulbs in Great Britain and offers the most comprehensive range in the market. The range of automotive bulbs extends from the smallest instrument panel bulb to the latest Premium Xenon bulbs and is manufactured to the highest quality standards.

Lucas provides light bulbs for over 99% of vehicles on UK roads and is dedicated to being the first-to-market with the latest car lighting technology. The Lucas bulb range is available in the renowned Lucas green box, which are packed with individual bulbs or as trade packs (motor pool packs) of ten according to customers’ choice.

Lucas Products:

  • Auto Bulbs
  • Standard Halogen Bulbs
  • Premium Xenon Halogen Bulbs (30 % Brighter & 30 % Whiter)
  • Euro White H.I.D. Bulbs (65% Brighter)

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