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TCIC Brake System

Tae Chul Industrial Co., Ltd. (TCIC) has had a tradition of growing and developing into one of the leading companies in the automobile component industry for half a century. It is based on the management philosophy of its CEO, who had the will of producing the highest quality products in the world. He insists on using only road of cylinder production.

TCIC acquired ISO 9001 and KS (Korea industrial standard) mark in 1998, QS 9000 and Ministry of National Defense quality system certification in January 2000, to consistently research and develop new products in order to maintain an excellent quality toward the international level.


The brake system is used to maintain the parking status while reducing the speed of running cars or stopping them. On the whole, a friction brake is used, which converts the moving energy of cars into heat energy using friction and discharges it in the air for braking function.

Requirements for Brake Systems

  • Stable operation with excellent braking effect
  • Excellent reliability and durability
  • Easy inspection and maintenance

brake master cylinder 11b0457brake master cylinder 13b0136


Provides big braking force even with small force using Pascal’s principle. Force applied to the pedal generates pressure at BMC (Brake Master Cylinder) and this pressure is applied to a caliper with a big diameter or W/C (Wheel Cylinder), thus generating big force and stopping vehicles.

In particular, for quick responce and increased braking efficiency, we developed 2-stagr BMC with our own technology and applied it to heavy equipment and military equipment.

brake wheel cylinder 11r0503brake wheel cylinder 13r0152


Operates the piston by working hydraulic pressure generated from BMC and sticks shoe of the brake drum fast to drum to generate braking force.

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