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Products Section: Brake Pads

TRW Automotive

TRW Automotive with 2003 sales of $11.3 billion is among the world’s ten largest automotive supplier and is one of the top financial performers in the industry. The company supplies more than 40 major vehicle manufacturers and 250 nameplates and holds leading positions in all of its primary product categories.

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Sure Brake® Brake Pads & Brake Shoes

Just SURE BRAKE® Brake Pads and Brake Shoes offer quality and performance unmatched. From imported to domestically assembled vehicles, we got the right brake pad and shoes for you.

Deluxe Brake Pads & Brake Shoes – are engineered, formulated and manufactured with the requirements of the stop and go city / urban driver in mind.

Utilizing a friction material that has proven itself over literally millions of miles under some of the harshest city driving conditions imaginable, Sure Brake® Brake Pads and Brake Shoes offer outstanding stopping power even under high temperatures and extreme operating conditions. Ideal for transport and fleet vehicles in highly urbanized traffic areas.

Premium Brake Pads – are engineered, formulated and developed to address the No. 1 complaint on intense high performance braking – Noise and Skid. Sure Brake® Premium Brake Pads’ advanced-engineered non-asbestos friction formula provides a quieter and more stable braking performance than the leading aftermarket pad.

With unsurpassed stopping power on both dry and wet driving conditions, Sure Brake® Premium Brake Pads have proven time and again that it is one of the best brands on brakes. Just look for the purple box.

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Shinzo Motorcycle Pads

Shinzo Brakes, Europe’s fastest growing Japanese brand motorcycle brake pads and shoes, is designed and manufactured with the highest quality friction material for the two-wheel vehicle market.

Shinzo uses specialized friction material on their motorcycle brake pads and shoes for optimum performance both on and off-road terrain.

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Brake Systems

TRW Automotive is a global leader in the manufacture of automotive safety systems including braking, steering, suspension, airbags, seat belts and safety electronics.

TRW Automotive Aftermarket is a leading provider of high quality replacement parts, service, diagnostics and technical support for both independent aftermarket and vehicle manufacturer services.

Rotor Disc – TRW Automotive is one of the leading producers of brake rotors in North and South America; the company also manufactures rotors in Europe and Asia.

Brake rotors or discs work in concert with brake calipers as the primary components in a disc braking system. When the brake caliper applies hydraulic pressure to the rotor, the brake’s pads are squeezed against both sides of the rotor, slowing down or stopping the vehicle.

Brake Pads – TRW Automotive is the world’s leading designer and developer of friction materials for various vehicle manufacturers around the world. TRW Automotive is also a key supplier to world’s aftermarket brake system with application coverage to over a 1000 vehicle makes and models.

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Sure Brake® Brake Pads and Shoes

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